Alternatives to Flying

Because flying is expensive; a lot of people will look for other options when it comes to long distance travel. Money isn’t the only factor, either. Some people just find flying to be incredibly stressful and will do anything to avoid this form of travel.

From a fear of flying or just an intense annoyance when it comes to airport security; it’s good to know that there are other options available besides flying.


carDepending on how far you have to travel, driving can sometimes be a preferable alternative to flying.

The main issue here is time. If you’re driving from one end of America to the other, know that you will lose several days out of your vacation both going to your destination and coming back.

Then again, some people turn the drive into a part of the vacation itself. You can plan to make stops in towns you’d like to visit and take detours for attractions you’d like to see.

Driving can sometimes be cheaper than flying. Gas prices are currently low but the real expense is the money spent on hotels and eating out along the way.

If you’re traveling alone, it tends to be cheaper to fly if you’re going a long distance. But if you are traveling in a group or with your family, then it becomes cheaper to drive. This is because things like gas and a hotel room cost the same regardless of how many people are in the car or the hotel room. But plane seats require you to pay per-person.

Taking a Train

trainMuch like driving, a train won’t get you to your destination quickly but it can give you a more pleasant experience.

The best thing about a train is that it is probably the least stressful of all your options. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of flying and you also don’t have to drive the vehicle or navigate like you would if you were taking your car.

Trains can sometimes reach their destinations faster than cars as they keep going all night. You don’t have to make frequent stops to eat or sleep; you can do these things at your own luxury while the train keeps closing the distance without any effort on your part.

Trains are extremely practical if you are visiting Europe. The countries are small enough that you can use trains and subways to travel between different nations rapidly in the course of a single day.

Taking a Cruise

This option is not practical most of the time as it tends to be quite expensive. But if you have the money, taking a cruise can be a great way to travel.

Most people who use this option are taking the cruise simply for the sake of the cruise itself. That being said, it can also be a good way to visit nearby countries and get the absolute most out of your vacation.

European river cruises are a lovely way to visit several countries without having to move from hotel to hotel.