Cheap Destinations

cashPlanning a vacation can be expensive. Between hotels, airline tickets and the money you pay to see popular attractions; a lot of people get discouraged.

But the majority of the expenses you pay for a vacation are based on the exact location you visit. Going to a popular city will increase every expense in your budget; from plane tickets to just buying lunch.

If you’re planning to have a vacation on a budget, it’s good to know how to find a cheap destination.

Visiting a Less Popular Destination

Locations that are visited less frequently tend to be cheaper to travel to. This is another classic example of supply and demand. Hotels and restaurants can charge a lot of money if there is a lot of tourism and they know they are going to get business.

But less popular areas have to price their businesses competitively.

If the location you want to visit seems far too expensive, you could always travel somewhere that is similar but not as crowded.

For instance, say you wanted to take a vacation to the beach. There are a lot of beaches in the world and no one said you had to visit Miami.  You can find a number of better beaches such as las penitas beach at much lower prices. Or if for instance you wanted to visit England, that doesn’t mean you have to stay right in the center of downtown London. You could instead find a nice smaller town.

beachTraveling to a Cheap Destination Nearby an Expensive One

Sometimes a traveler will get their heart dead-set on a certain destination. Perhaps a small town in England is out of the question because the traveler wants to see London itself.

If visiting a popular location is pivotal to your vacation, you could always try to focus your expenses into a nearby location that is cheaper and then visit the more expensive location off and on.

Sticking with the England/London example; instead of flying right into an expensive English airport, you could search for cheap destinations to fly into all over Europe. Many countries are within a short train-rides distance of England so you have lots of options for where you first fly into.

Then there is the issue of lodging. A hotel in London is going to cost a fortune. But, you could stay in a little village within a short distance of London and then take a train into the city during the day. This way you can see all the sights and experiences you want to have without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Taking a Vacation Close to Home

Traveling out of country is always going to be more expensive than if you take a vacation closer to home. There are many different histories and cultures tied into a single country so you don’t have to travel outside your own borders to gain a new experience.

If you’re looking to save money on travel and lodging, be sure to consider the variety of options available to you without having to travel internationally.

Even staying within your home state can save your money. Destinations like Disney World offer special rates for Florida residents.

By staying close to home you can also drive which is usually cheaper for short distances.

Consider visiting state parks and camping. This can be an enjoyable, value packed vacation for a family.